UMG Navigation/Focus doesn't seem to work with UserWidget Blueprints.


I’ve been running into a pretty frustrating issue with UMG lately. I can’t seem to make UserWidgets that can receive focus through navigation or click, even if their “Is Focusable” flag is set to true. I’ve tried overriding the Focus Received/Lost events to no avail.

The only way I can get a user widget to be focusable via navigation is to set a button as the root widget of my user widget and then update the focus state of my user widget whenever it’s added to the focus path by the child button. It’s really awkward and I don’t want to have to work around the baggage of a button just to have something be focusable.

Is this just not supported? Or am I missing a very obvious method for making a user widget focusable?


I think I figured out the issue after taking another look.

The navigation system uses widget hit tests to find where to navigate next, and user widgets by default are self hit test invisible.

By making the user widget root “Visible”, I was able to get the desired behavior.


what do you mean by “By making the user widget root “Visible”” ?

my widget is already visible …obviously

In designer view, go to the top object of your hierarchy (the root) in the Hierarchy panel, select it, then search for visibility in Details panel and set it to Visible.
If you create your widget from another blueprint in the graph view you can also set it with set visibility function