UMG: My first try with UE


I thought to open a new tread where I can ask your help to develop my first game in unreal engine.
I’m not a programmer, but I hope that with blueprints and your help I can get to the goal.
Thank you **

My first question is about “Add to Viewport” node. I follow the HorusHeretic’s UMG tutorial, but in my node I don’t see some inputs. I think that this happens because I forgot to make something that is not visible in the tutorial.

How can I solve it?

Thanks :wink:

Are you using 4.5? The options dissapeared for me in 4.5 too.

Yes, I’m using 4.5

Was a change from 4.4 to 4.5!

Addition: Show Cursor on Add To Viewport never worked. To show it now, adjust the Show Cursor property on player controller.


I have not touch on UMG, but maybe its a silly question, if add to viewport is remove, then how do you…add to viewport?

Edit: silly me, its some flags that were remove, not the add to viewport function.

Thank you Nick for your help.

I don’t have looked at player controller yet.

hi all,

i have some problems with the editor and my main menu.

editor error
The white line are a flipbok material.

I still have problems with transparancies and with border (alpha).

Is there a tutorial that show how to use sprite animation for buttons in the UMG?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have another question:

I have an extra menù wityh a scrollbox. IHow I can remove the bar? I follow this tips (UMG scrollbox and IOS and other touch screens - UE4 AnswerHub) but I don’t find “Engine\Source\Runtime\Slate\Private\Widgets\Layout\SScrollBox.cpp” file in my engine folder.

Thank you

any idea?
I also asked for help on AnswerHub.

I don’t understand what you mean by “Bar”.

Is it right in english? :slight_smile:

I dont’ know ahahah

Yes “Bar” makes sense in english to me. Question, are you using the Launcher version of the engine? Or building from source? If you are using the Launcher, you will not have access to the CPP files. Such as the one mentioned above. You will need to build the engine from the source so you can access that file. Other than that, not sure how to remove the “Bar” without source.

The ‘white’ lines at edges of texture with transparency is a common issue for transparent image (not restricted to UE4). UE4 and many program apply Alising to texture, so often, the transparent (Alpha) & the image do not match 100%. result in what you have.

The simpliest way is to over color the border of the transpareny zone (in the background), Means if your border is dark brown, paint a little bit over the transparent zone on the under layer with brown. This way, even when the alpha & image border do not match perfectly, you still get the correct border colors.

Photoshop have a free plugin that that automate this for you, I look up when I get home.

Edit: Here is its. Check the video (Its mention Unity, but its more or less the same with UE4):

The plugin itself can be found here. Go to download & pick free plugin, solidify can be found inside. You can also check out the other plugin if you fancy.

Perfect thank you both for your help.
I have changed the transparent image and now it works right.
Now I’ll compile UE4 from source and then I’ll tell you if I solve the other problem.

Thank you again :wink:


I have a question:

can I use UE4 compiled and Launcher togheter on the same project?
Is there any tips to follow to install both version?

I read that compiled version is slower and that it is better to install the debug game version.
Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you :slight_smile: