UMG Multitouch Bug?

Hi All,

Is it possible to get multi touch controls from UMG? I’ve made the following HUD and all the buttons work expect one massive issue,. I don’t appear to have multi touch.

For example if I start moving by pressing the right arrow and then press jump the jump animation is called but as soon as the character lands it stops moving. If I take my finger off the right arrow and reapply it then it starts moving again.

The code for the movement is being called on tick I made an answer hub post here

So I guess that once you press one button it automatically overwrites anything else you have held down?

If that’s the case what do you do for multiple control interfaces as the default touch controls seem to only apply to joysticks?

Cheers for any help and ideas



Multitouch is supported. You need to disable focusable on the buttons. Only one widget can have focus, but several can have pointer capture. Losing focus though triggers loss of pointer capture.

Thanks Nick, That did the job can’t believe it was such an easy fix!



Hey Nick, I am having issues with multitouch. I have 4 buttons in my widget and I have is focusable disabled for all 4 buttons but I still cannot click more than one button at a time. I’m using version 4.8.3.

Hey FakePlasticTree,

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