UMG Multiline Problem

I have multiline editable text but I can’t make it non-editable(user interactive), because when I do, it becomes also non-scrollable, it doesn’t make sense here. Why would I deny the user the ability to scroll the text? So

1)How to make a non-editable text scrollable, or how to make a multiline editable non editable, but scrollable?

Right now my solution is really bad: Set text to the desired one every tick(I don’t want to use tick for something like this.)

And 2) Another solution: OnChangeText event->Set the text back to normal one This also doesn’t work and I don’t know why. Setting supports keyboard focus variable to false doesn’t work either.

I could do Multi line editable text and set it to read only if that node works, but Multi line editable text doesn’t wrap the text, so it’s not really multi line, and Text Box(Multi Line) can’t be connected to set is read only boolean.

I have a problem with you ,so I want to know how you solved it.