UMG - Moving an image during runtime

Hi !

I’am working on a quest framework system and I m using UMG to design the inerface. I got an question: is there possible to move an image widget (or any UMG items) during runtime ? I will try to describe precisely my request.

I got a list of quests, when the player selects a quest, there is a image (a red square by instance) on the left of the quest label to display that resquest is selected. I can add as many red square as I got a quest but I think it’s a waste of ressource, so the idea is to use only one image icon and move on the left of every quest the player selects.

I’am looking at the blueprint of the Image widget , I found some functions (like slot or render transform) but I don’t there are the right one.

So the idea is to be able to move the image during runtime every time the player selects a quest

Thank for your help !


Nobody ? :slight_smile:

Kinda hard to picture what you’re after…or really understand the issue. Are you concerned about using an image in UMG? If you have multiple images using the same texture (or material), you’re not really increasing resources…
Or are you talking about animating an image moving from one place to another?