UMG - Mouse screen position problem

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to move a item with the mouse by using the “Set position” option in BP. It is working but there seems to be some discrepancy between the mouse position and the dragged texture position.

This is my dragged-image set up in the widget “On mouse move” event:

And this is the actual problem: When the mouse is near the top left of the screen, the item is shown very close to the mouse position, but when the mouse is near the bottom right of the screen, there is an extremely large distance between both:

Top left (good):


Bottom right (bad):


Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks!

I also need an answer for this. I just need a mouse pointer that isn’t behind my UMG stuff :frowning:

Hello LHutz,

I had a similar question not too long ago. I believe the following link will provide you with an easy workaround and an explanation as to why you are having the discrepancies. I hope that this helps.

Make it a great day