UMG Minimap | Almost Plug and Play

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I voted! :cool:

Voted mate!


Because you all voted so quickly my Mini Map already got enough votes on Trello, thanks a lot!

I don’t know yet when exactly this will be for sale on the marketplace, but I assume within less than one month :slight_smile:

My Mini Map will be released on May 13th or May 27th in the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace! :cool:

Release is May 13th 2015 :slight_smile:

very wishful.
some hint of how much will be:)

I have set the price to $19,99. I think it’s worth much more, but I have no experiences with selling on the marketplace so I don’t know where’s the “sweet spot” in price. I think this price is good for most people :slight_smile: Creating a Mini Map like this would take at least 40 hours of work time (maybe 30 if you are really good with UMG and math), so I think $19,99 is actually pretty cheap for people who really need a Mini Map and is still in range for people who just want to play around with it or see how it works.

you want to break me!

Ok! :smiley:

I know how is it, in old times I tried to implement an Uscripted using notepad ++. That thing almost broke my head!

Hey can I bind this to my PowerUp blueprints so wherever my flight vehicle goes the player can see the powerups in the minimap? It’s not only for AI pawns right? I can bind this to actor blueprints?

You can bind this to anything you want. Have you watched my video? The points which are shown on the MiniMap are just the AIs because I made GetAllActorsOfClass on the AI class, but you can show whatever you want there, even just a simple vector for each point. It’s in no way connected to AI :cool:

Yeah I watched but I wanted to be sure :slight_smile: Thanks! I’ll be waiting for it’s release. Hope it will be this week. It says “Next Release” on trello.

Release is tomorrow :smiley:

Do not rush, after a lot things, you are the only one seller here with an advanced minimap. For sure I want it! :wink:

Cam’t find it on the marketplace (yet).
Could you please post a link as soon as it’s online?


Epic decided to move release date to May 20th… So you still have to wait one week :frowning:

I can wait!:wink:

It’s online now on the Marketplace! :smiley:

I’ll be right there in a few minutes!

Correction: Purchased!!!


I can’t quite make it match my level dimensions despite using a landscape.