UMG menu navigation Android not working

UMG’s menu navigation doesn’t seem to work with controllers at all on Android. On Android, Moving the left stick on the controller does not navigate the menus and pressing “A” does not press the focused button even though the controller inputs work for the rest of the game and navigates menus fine on desktop.

I did test it with a physical keyboard on Android and the keyboard worked as expected.

I am using a Nexus 5x as my Android test device.

These are the controllers I have tested with. All have the left stick functioning properly in game and all navigate menus properly on windows 10. (PS4 and Xbox One S have button mapping problems but should not be relevant to this issue)

  • [Moga pro power controller][1]
  • [PS4 controller][2]
  • [Xbox One S controller][3] (Using the S version’s Bluetooth support)

I made a blank BP project to test this to make sure it was not an issue with my project.

Here is the level blueprint that spawns the widget and sets the initial focus:

The widget just has two buttons inside a vertical box.

[The project is attached][5]

Hello Voren,

I would like to make sure that we are using the same methods. Could you explain what methods you are using to control the android device with each type of controller?

Sure thing, for the Moga pro power controller, I’m using HID Bluetooth mode. (“Mode B” on the switch).

For the PS4 Controller I’m using a USB cable (has couple cables to convert the USB type C), no further setup was required, just plugged it in and it works.

Xbox One S controller, used Bluetooth (Only the new white “S” controller has it)
Some instructions are here: [Xbox support][1] Just long press the button on the controller and then search for bluetooth devices on your Android device.

Not for sure if that’s what you were asking for. I’m using the left thumbstick and bottom face button on each device to try to control the menus just like how it works on windows. Let me know if there is anything else I can add/do, more than happy to help.

Looks like I might not have replied to you directly, see my below comment in case you weren’t notified.
Also if it is working for you with a controller on Android, let me know what controller and connection you are using and I may be able to get my hands on one and test that also.

Hey Voren,

Thank you for your report. Unfortunately, at the current time we do not have access to the Xbox One S controller or the Moga Pro Power controller for testing on our end. As far as the PS4 Controller goes, this is not something that we are officially supporting at this time, so we are unable to provide support for any issues related to that device. As a result, we are unable to continue investigating this issue until we get access to those controllers (which is not guaranteed) or we have a repro case using another device that we have access to (such as a 360 or Xbox One controller).

We appreciate your time in providing this information.

Have a great day!