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so I’ve created 15 levels, and I want the player to be able to load a level (say level 5) in the level selection menu, only if he’s finished the level. So locked if he hasn’t finished it yet, open if he’s finished it (to get better scores etc).

Now I have a save system in place, where by pressing “continue” you continue where you left off. So my guess would be that it is connected to a blueprint that recognises your savegame. But how would I go about doing this?

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Maybe with something like this:
current level = 5
selected level = 7
if (current level >= selected level)
allow player to load it
remove ‘locked’ UMG effects
} else {

I’m using blueprints, so how would I go about it with blueprints?

It sounds like you already have a way to save the player’s progress. Where ever you are handling your UMG logic, have it check the players progress. If the player isn’t far enough in the game, have the UMG widget use a tint (probably a dark grey color) or something to show the player they can’t select it.

I’m not sure how your save game is set up, but say you have an integer that represents the highest level completed. Retrieve that integer from your save game and get a compare int node, then compare that integer to the level that the UMG widget is supposed to represent. Make a color variable.

Pull off the < exec pin from the compare node and set the color variable to whatever you want the locked out level to be tinted. With the = and > exec pins, set the color variable to anything, but with an alpha of 0 so no tint is applied. Bind the level widget tint to the coresponding color variable.

I imagine the player won’t make any progress in the main menu so you won’t need to check this on tick or anything. :stuck_out_tongue: Just do it on Begin Play in the UMG blueprint.

So I’ll show you what I already did, and tried:

So I think I’m somewhere in the right direction.

The problem is, that my levels are listed in an enum list for savegames. There’s no way for me to use <= combined with any of those kind of nodes.

Why not use the enum as a variable in your save game along with the string, then get variable when you load it use a switch on node.

I believe you can get an integer associated with an enum value and use that as the number value of the level.

This is what I’ve come up with. It loads the levels, but even the ones that aren’t “saved” yet, even though I’m calling it forth out of the saveprogress node from my save system, which doesn’t really make sense to me.

Penhoat, I use a boolean array in my game to flag each level as complete or not. As you complete a level, the value is set to true and saved. At my level select menu, it checks to see if the level has been completed. If so, the next level is unlocked. Not sure if it’s the best way, but it works like a charm. Check the video series in my sig…I think video 12 shows the way mine is done.

I’m checking your video’s as we speak, I’m loving it to be honest, great stuff!

Tearl everything you did works like a charm, I’d like to know one thing though. I can’t get text to display in my level ending menu (you beat the high score, boohoo). I followed the video exactly, so didn’t make a mistake as far as I can see. You did however in the video, not show how you made that variable (video 11), now I assume it’s nothing special, but just to be sure, is any box in that variable ticked on?

Simply put, the set text won’t display, only text set as default in the variable

EDIT: Nevermind, had to do with pausing the game before it could cast