UMG menu for VR..can't get focus

Most of us working in VR know that when you have the HMD on, you can’t see keyboard/mouse. Until Oculus gets their hands-free solution completed, a gamepad controller seems to work best. However, it’s not great for UMG menus.

I simply want to press the “X” on the controller, have the menu display, then use the controller to navigate. Doesn’t seem doable without some trickery as the UMG can’t get focus without getting the mouse click on it first. Does anyone know how to get the focus to work as outlined above? My blueprint is as such:


Not sure if this is what you want, but I have found you need to set the focus to a specific widget first rather than the entire thing. Like what I done here:

edit: It’s hard to see, but “Focus Button” plugs into “In Widget to Focus”.

Mosel3y…that was exactly what I needed. I was trying to set focus to the entire widget rather than a specific button. Thanks so much for the help!!

Hey Mosel3y, just thought you may want to know that you can right-click the blue pin for “As Assesssment FormTest” and promote it to a variable, then each “get” you do will act as a reference. That should help clean things up a bit.

Thanks , I’ve since realized that, I just haven’t had to motivation to go in and clean it up properly yet heh :slight_smile:

Hi ,

could you successfully view umg menues in vr? i´m working around with this (even forcing stereo), but could´t get any good results.
Thanks in advace.