UMG menu anchor closes when clicked out side of bounds

I’m new to UMG, and I’m attempting to create nested submenus using menuAnchor to call other widgets when a button is pressed. Largely, this is working, except the menus called using the onClick event wont stay open. I’ve used EventTick to keep certain menus open at start, and if I click outside my menu, those anchors remain open. However, any menus opened using onClick will close if I click outside their bounds.

Town and the areas of town are kept open with Event tick, so they remain on screen no matter what I do, but if I click anywhere outside of the scroll box for the sub items under North Boulder after clicking to open it, the anchor will close. I originally had open and close set up on a FlipFlop, but even having onClick set directly to open still has the menu close if I click outside.

Is this just a feature of menu anchor, or is there anything I can do about this?

Answering my own question- I was misunderstanding how menu anchor works. It is only meant to be a temporary pop up, a way to show your widget briefly without permanently having it in that section of your UI. To achieve what I was trying to do here, you can simply drag and drop other widgets from the content browser onto your canvas. If you don’t want them visible all the time, you can toggle their visibility with button presses or other methods.