UMG Memory leak...?

Dear friends,

I recently feel that my game is slowing down whenever restart game level using “Open Level” function in blueprint.


(after about 20times restart, frame rate drop is started)
That confirmed by “stat fps” in mobile (60fps → 20fps)

I guess this is caused by UMG. Right after remove all UI in the game, that symptom is gone.
Memory increase is also able to verified by windows task manager while restart the game repeatly through mobile simulator.

Another possibility is leak of gameMode instance. The widget is created by gameMode class and the gameMode is not destroyed automatically whenever level is restarted.

Hello cordis1203,

I have a quick question for you. Are you removing your UMG from the screen each time you change the level? If not, this will cause the UMG to be added for each time the open level node is called. In short your UMG will continue to stack up. An easy way to test this is to add a UMG widget that is partially transparent. If the UMG is in fact stacking, you will notice this widget getting darker.

Thanks for quick reply. as you said, stacking UMG is problem.