UMG material tiling

Hello, I’m trying to create a border background image for my interface. It is not a simple rectangle, so I decided to use a “User Interface” material for that. I could just use texture in a box tiling mode, but I want the interior of the border to have a tileable pattern independent of the size of UMG element. And this is where I stuck.

The “screen aligned pixel to pixel UVs” node is not usable to me in this case, since it creates a screen-space tiling, and my UMG widgets will be placed in the world as 3d objects - Player will be able to look at them at an angle. I found a “get user interface uv” node, but was unable to make it work.

Well, a year later, and answering my own question since it pops up in the google search:

Just multiply “normalized UV” with “tiling” and it produces correct UVs for tiling.


I appreciate you <3