UMG "map" and matching it with actual level "points of interest" - how?

How does one go about having a map (stylized or a shot of the level taken from bird eye view) as full screen UMG or 3D widget and having player (and other actors) “markers” on the map to match location / rotation of actual player (other actors) on the level ?

Also, how would you go about generating such map (I assume orthogonal camera at 0 0 Z that takes a screenie and then screenie either used as-is or painted over) ?

Thanks beforehand

this needs some calculation of the Objects world position, according to the Map Texture Size.
Objekt Position (XY) 0,0 is in upper left of the map.
The Mapsize is 50005000 Units. The Map Texture for the UMG is 20482048.

Object Pos X On map == (2048 / 5000)*Object World Loc X

Same for Y
Then show an Image or what you want on the OnMap Position.

This is just a basic idea behind such a system.
When you have a scrollable Panel, you need to add the scrolling offset to the position and such, to get the correct position of the Object Markers.