UMG, Making Text Appear After A Delay ?

So I have a Tip popup for my game that appears on the users HUD, just displaying some random piece of information

But I want the Box to appear first then a few seconds later the text that go’s in it

I though using delay and making the text hidden by default would work but no success this is what I have tried

But no success the text did not appear after the 10 second delay

Any help would be great

Is this everything you did?

Because “Delay” needs a signal / execution impulse / white line going into it as well. This is usually done by using Events.

I assume you just spawn in the widget and want it to display the visibility 10 seconds after you added the widget to the viewport.

In that case just use the “Event Construct” and plug it into your delay.


worked like a dream :slight_smile: knew it had to be something simple