UMG ListView and selected item

Sorry if this quest is a duplicate of another, I cannot find another question or forum thread that answer my question.
So, I’ve successfully created a ListView and populated it with an array of object returned from one C++ class. For now, it is ok, I’ve created some blueprintable methods, attributes, classes, and so on… But now, I need to get my selection in listview (I’m using the single selection mode). At first I’ve tried to get a way of retrieve selected item in blueprint, but if it cannot be possible for now, I’ll glad to know how can I do this with C++. The only thing I’ve tried at C++ side was tried to create a property exposed for blueprint to get the list but I don’t know how to do this properly. Because I’ve been using an hybrid solution (using C++ to do the hard work and blueprint to manage editor assets), I prefer a blueprint solution to this, but a C++ solution is also welcome.