UMG - ListenForInputAction - Nick or anyone can help to get a fix


In 4.11, Epic has implemented a new function ListenForInputAction to help us in using ActionMapping in UMG Widget.

Sadly, it’s not working with Inputmode UIOnly mode as per Answer hub.

Does someone know how to fix this? It will clearly help us in using KeyMapping in UMG Widget with is great to do fancy interface or manage KeyEvent without overriding on KeyDown and using function that find the Key bound to an ActionMapping.

As you are our best men when speaking about UMG, do you know how can we fix this? Or can you push the ticket UE-28634 so it get some attention?


Not easily fixable - UIOnly mode avoids calling all input components. The ListenForInputAction command inserts an Input Component into the stack to learn about events.

Thanks for the update.

How are you dealing with this in Epic games? Are you using ActionMapping in UMG?

I have in mind to create a base function that get the key that is mapped to action that I want to manage and then use the Key_down event to manage them, but I’m not sure it’s the proper way to deal with this.

A simple case is: I have a ActionMapping Open/Close menu bind to “Echap” by default. When the menu is opened, the input mode is set to UIOnly, so I want the “Echap” key to close my menu. As the ActionMapping can be override by user configuration, I can’t Harcode the key.


This came from Paragon - where they’re using it on the main menu / front end. Don’t think they have a case where they’re using it in UI Only mode. Requires we introduce a new flag to action handlers to function during UI Only mode, kind of like the Call when paused flag works. You could try enabling pause, to avoid calling the others - and use Game & UI mode.

As far as I know, Pause is sadly not an option in a multiplayer game. It’s won’t set the pause (unless code have changed). Is it the way Paragon is managing their ingame menu? Pause + Game & UI Mode

How do you handle ingame menu on/off or the playerCard interface that is accessed during the gameplay? Does the key are hardcoded?

Thanks for all the insights. I’m clearly looking to put something strong in place for this in my game, and your experience and insights are welcome.