UMG key bindings?

Hi there.
I’ve been trying to create a menu system and I thought that I could just go and use “Set Input Mode UI Only” and then link my UMG menu to it so it gets the focus, but then I have noticed that you can’t call key events from the UMG graph editor itself… Is it really not possible to add key events? I’d like to be able to handle the menu from its own blueprint to reduce complexity.

Might be worth looking into Rama’s Key binding… [Full Project] Rama's UMG Rebindable Key System, Rebind keys at Runtime! - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums!

I’m having this problem also and from what I’ve gathered from other threads like this… and there are plenty, all with no answers… is that you can’t actually use them with a UMG Widget Blueprint… I believe this is because of the way that widgets require focus for them to function and that UMG is best presently best used with mouse interaction only… at least until they address the problem.

Given how we interact with computers, you would think a robust key system would be a must-have for a game-engine… but nooooo.:rolleyes: It’s something Epic is working on I think… unless someone in an official capacity can come in here and do some refutin’.:confused:

Actually, UMG widgets right now seem to be made for passive UIs. Like, to display values on screen, health bars, selecting things with a mouse, but no actual key bindings in them. I see no reason for the Set Input Mode UI Only node then. Unless you want a mouse-driven menu to take the focus.

I’m not really sure if that’s what I’m looking for, to be honest.

I found out how to do it. You can’t do it directly from the UMG widget, but you can create a custom event inside the widget and from your character you can trigger it with the key event you need.

You can use the Rebind functionality of Events

No you can’t. The character’s key bindings don’t work once the focus is set to a UI widget.
And 4 years later… this is still a problem. And making gamepad-friendly menus in Unreal is a mess.