UMG Just stopped spawning

Hi Guys
Any1 else experienced this before.
Was just working on my character and the UMG no longer spawns.

So, I thought it was something I did to UMG and went and created a pawn not related to my Character and it spawns on event begin play.
If any1 can assist with Diagnosing what I did to break it on my main character I would appreciate. I have implemented Print screen but they are printing when each node is fired.

It would be helpful to see the blueprint where you are spawning it


Character (Not Working):-
Print screen does print message.


As mentioned before it was working but then just stopped, there is no errors in the log for me to ■■■■■.
So I need some assistance with a means to Diagnose what is going wrong

Have you given the HUD Widget Test variable a default value?
Does it work if you use the drop down menu instead of plugging it in as a node?

Yes, its pointing to HUD_Widget_Test_C (class).

Hmmm…When you mention it now, no I dont.
On the character blueprint it wont list it, however on the pawn it lists it.

I mean in the section shown below, is that right?

Pretty embarrassed, that has fixed it.

Thank you for your help.