[UMG] Item description help

I want to create a UMG that holds the info from my spell.
However, i don’t know how’d i make the background image adjust it’s size to preciselly hold the text info, how can i do that?

There are many ways to achieve it. You’d need to provide more details first:

  • are you sure you want to ‘adjust’ the background image’s size? this may result in ugly stretching unless you use a tiling image
  • will your spell info tooltip expand horizontally and/or vertically to accommodate the information within?
  • perhaps you could provide a mock-up of what you want to achieve depicting 2 tooltips of different size

In the meanwhile, have a look at this - SizeToContent:

Any element that is directly sitting on the canvas becomes its slot. Canvas slots can be flagged to automatically become the size they desire depending on the children they contain:


If you combine it with a size box or text wrapping and a tiling image, you’ll get a tooltip that always looks neat and does not contain clipped or overlapping text.

This seems overly complicated.
I’m not sure if i really found i solution, but i think i got one.
There’s a thing called “scale box”. It does exactly what you said, but much better and simple.