UMG is NOT working when upgrading to 4.8.3

Binary Ver: 4.8.3-2634408

After upgrading Unreal Engine from 4.8 to 4.8.3 (directly, I didn’t update for a while), all the UI I’ve made with widget blueprints are now not working.

For example, in the project (RTS game) there is a system to select a single unit by clicking on it. Now I can click on it through buttons, for example.

In the example gif you could see me selecting a unit through a button. Normally (4.8), the button should be pressed rather than the selection of the unit.

Example Gif


Create a widget with a button. When the button is pressed, try to print “Hello World”

Win7 Home Premium, Intel i5 3470, GTX 670 by Gigabyte

Due to the fact that no crashed occurred, no crash log was created.

Link to Answer Hub question

Anyone? Maybe UE developer?
All in all, widgets are working in a new project. When I try to migrate, it returns to the non-cooperating it is stuck on.

Please try and wait 4 days before bumping, it has only been 3 hours. Make sure that you haven’t set any special project settings that might be effecting your UMG.

Alright. I didn’t catch any bump rules.

Anyways, I solved it by merging older files with fresh new project.

Back-ups are the best.