UMG Inventory window VS another UMG and vica versa {HELP}!


so I have this small issue with my inventory UMG when I drag it onto another widget it gets destroyed not only the inventory but any other moveable widget I have, I checked all of them functions “on drop” and its set to false.

any ideas?

What is set to *false? *

Dragging into a widget is different from dropping.

Hit ctrl+f - search for “*remove from parent” - *hit binoculars to find in all blueprints, double click on results to find the culprit.

i only found one,

which after I drag the widget it removes itself so it can be created again.

but when I dragged onto another widget it doesn’t create itself again

ok I think I understand the issue now, because its not dropped into the main hud , it means it doesn’t detects it so it wont create a widget for the movable widget.

what if I made a bool or a function to hide all opened widgets on viewport so it can land safely onto the main HUD?

it will work that way but its not “solved” but a workaround.

any ideas?

ok I think I fixed it, on drag detected for the movable widget, I took all the HUD elements and set visibility to hit test invisible and “On Drop” to main widget I set them back to visible and it looks like it doesn’t eat the other widgets yet.