UMG Inventory Tutorial by Epic problem


I have spent hours trying to solve my problem but in vein…
I cannot make it to display the pickup text when I am near the mesh object.
Here are my blueprints:

Is your Sphere actually returning collision events? Is it set up to act as a trigger correctly?


Thanks for answering. Well the sphere has been setup exactly as shown in the video except the projectile tick the epic’s representative makes in sphere’s detail tab on the video. I do not have a projectile option in my sphere details when I set it to custom (on collision presets) so it is set to custom and I did not touch anything else.

Here is the link to the tutorial I followed:

Here is a pic of my sphere setup

**** I found the solution… On collision enabled you must press “No collision physics” from the drop down menu.
But now i got another problem:
if the pickuptext code is called too many times it will eventually not show the text any more