UMG Inventory in UE4: node problem

Hi everyone,

I’m having some trouble learning Blueprint so I decided to follow some tutorial, this week’s official UMG Inventory in UE4.

At on point in time, see link below, I must get the Drop Action - Usign Interface ActionInterface_C node, with 3 input and 1 output. But I get only 2 inputs… that’s problematic because it’s needed.

Any idea if node are context sensitive? If yes, I probably did something wrong. If no, what can I do? This tutorial was posted on Dec 10th.

I’m not a programmer so there may be something obvious I didn’t do… I’m trying to improve. Thanks for any help.


Part 5 – Scripting the Pickup Text and Inventory Menu

drop action in interface needs a input added to it its in the 2nd vid when he runs you through the set up process of getting your interface set up

thanks, I’ll check that tonight!

Hey I did the same mistake on video 2 I accidentally put the new input on “use action” instead of Drop action.
Go to the Blueprint folder, open the “Action Interface” and double click “Drop Action”. Under input press “New” choose “actor” type and call it “InActor”
Good luck!