UMG inv clicking


I’ve created a inventory base on UMG, and it contains a simple buttons in vectricalbox. I wants it to work for following GIF.


Anyone can help?

Anyone please??

No clue what you are trying to do. You want to be able to click on images? It’s not very hard to do… If you want to click on the image and then your character draws out a cool looking short sword with enticing animations well…

What I m trying to do is a itembox wich working like on gif. I have a itemboxes/slots, and when I click once (left mouse button) on one of them it should be highlighted, when I click on next slot it should be highlighted but the Previous clicked slot should be unhighlighted. This is it what I want. Now i can click on my item slots and they highlighted, but the previous clicked slot is not unhighlighted, I can’t get this working

Hey, I was looking for the same and got it working. i created the event dispatcher which binds an event when clicked.All you need is to store the previous clicked button when the event is called and set color for the previous clicked button.