UMG input controller/previous widget

Hey guys! I was trying this and it works perfectly .
I only have one issue and hope that someone can help me out. I’m creating a main menu with many widgets, do someone know how can I ‘go back’ at the previous widget using the gamepad? I tried to set this input (gamepad face button right) on the player controller using the ‘remove from parent’ but it doesn’t work at all and if I print from the input nothing happen. Thanks guys!

Instead of removing from parent, create both the widgets which you want to switch back and forth, and add them to view port to view port and set their visibility as you want i.e. either visible or hidden. Whenever game pad input is given just hide the widget that is previously visible and un hide the widget that you want to display. I never worked with a game pad but I did similar setup in my project for main menu and pause menu.
I Hope this works for you,Cheers!

Mmm i have a input issue actually, but thanks for your words! What is the best way to build a menu system? Isn’t heavy to have more widgets open? I’d like to make this as smooth as possible Thanks