UMG Input actions Not working

So i have an input action mapping to “P” and “Esc” assinged to Pause my game. In my Player controller whenever the action mapping is triggered it pauses the game, created the pause menu widget, sets focus and shows mouse cursor etc.

the problem is that P works to trigger the action but Esc doesn’t do anything at all.

I’m testing in standalone game and still does nothing. even set a print string to the action mapping to show it fires and it doesnt on Esc but does on P.

plus just setting “input key Esc” in the blueprint doesnt work either.

Is there any way The Esc key functionality could have been disabled in game as it still works to exit PIE new window when i test it that way.

Thanks in advance as this has been grinding my gears for a good few weeks now

You have to click on your input event and then check the box that says “Execute when Paused” :slight_smile: