UMG - In-World UI?

Has anyone worked out how to get a UMG GUI into the world as a 3D asset?

I’m trying to get a UMG UI to render onto a 3D object in my game, but having no luck finding how to do it in the 4.5 preview.

There is a screenshot on this Answers post showing it being done: Slate for 3D UI - UI - Unreal Engine Forums (comment Jul 30 '14)

Anyone have any ideas?


It didn’t make it into 4.5. 4.6 is the new target.


Hi, Nick! I know that widgets can now be 3D, but is there a way to use them on a custom mesh instead of a rectangle? For example, when implementing an old computer monitor that is not flat screen.

Related: is it possible to assign a widget to a specific camera rather than the active viewport and then tell that camera to render into a texture?



I am also interested in this, is there any update on the issue?