UMG in different shapes. And textures.

Hello, guys.
Can you help me,
how to make in UMG varied shapes. For example, now I have a healthbar, it has a straight rectangle shape.
How to make healthbar in a triangle or circle shape?
And how to give/assign to healthbar my own texture?

To assign your own texture, you’d put an image (Or button) and set the texture in “Brush”. I’m writing a free book now which covers all of this but it won’t be available for the next few weeks!

ok, thank you, I`ll try it.

i attach my texture,
but how to make health strip to decrease ?

The Documentation is your best friend! (The word “Documentation” might seem boring, but it’s literally a gold-mine of information!)

Look here, It should have the answers you need: 4. Scripting the Main Menu | Unreal Engine Documentation