UMG Image won't hide during runtime

I’ve been trying to hide/change opacity of an image while the player is playing. For some reason in the UMG event graph, the image won’t change. I have about 10 images I want to change based off of a variable so I didn’t want to make a binding function for each one, hence why I’m just referencing them all in the event graph. The visibility function is getting called but the image won’t change.

The only thing that changes the image is if I call the visibility function using the ‘event construct’ event, which changes the visibility before the player loads.

Is there an image setting or something I’m missing? I really don’t want to cast to my player bp variable in 10 seperate umg binding functions.


Gonna need more info… Is this a multiplayer game? How is the widget created? Set visibility should work.

This is not a multiplayer game. Widget is created in the player bp on begin play. It’s the main hud for the character that shows health and other info. All the other pieces of the hud work fine, but for them I’m binding each thing seperately and just casting to the player bp each time and not using the event graph of the widget at all.

For this though I’m only using the event graph because I need to reference 10 images on the hud at once, which is what that screen shot is of. I agree it should work because it’s getting called perfectly fine. I made a custom event in the widgets event graph that I call from the player BP. Everything fires as it should but the images won’t change at all in the event graph.