UMG - Image widgets receive transform in packaged build

I have started using the UMG system to build my ingame UI and so far it has been going great - with one exception. When playing my game in the editor, everything is displayed correctly. Here is what it looks like :

However, whenever I make an actual build of my game and launch it as a standalone, here is what I get :

As you can see, the cross that normally covers the edges between the splitscreens has suffered a transform, receiving both a translation and a rotation. In my UMG, that cross is an image anchored at the middle of the screen and is not referenced by any function whatsoever in any graph blueprint.

The four squares also disappeared, presumably having received the same transform as the cross though i did not manage to confirm it.

Every other element in my UMG remains the same however. For every single element in my UI (both those working well and not), I have used a size box inside which i’ve placed an image or text. The one thing unique to my broken UI elements is that they are images to which I’ve applied a material (the other image widgets only receive flat colors from within their widget properties).

Where it gets stranger still is that as I was trying to find a way to take an ingame screenshot with my UI inside a packaged build (ended up using fraps), I tried the -Dumpmovie command on a shortcut to my packaged build and my UI was positionned correctly.

Here’s a screenshot of that happening :

The UI appears exactly as it should. Now, this is the exact same build used earlier, but accessed from a shortcut with -dumpmovie.

I don’t know if it’ll be useful, but here’s a screenshot of my UMG widget layout :

The squares in each corner are anchored to their respective corners and the rest of the UI is anchored to the middle of the screen.

After trying basicly every possible setting and setup to contain my image, I managed to get things to display correctly by modifying the zorder of some of my UI elements even though they didn’t overlap anything. You can tag this post as resolved.