UMG image & text

I need to create UMG widget with the following look
there should be an image in the top left corner, and the long long text that starts right after the image (is auto-wraped) and surrounds it.
It’s possible with UMG ? (basically every old jRPG has this, when in conversations mode (portrait and long text surrounding it))

Thanks for any ideas how to beat this.

****, I’v beat this … but this was (suprissingly) hard and time consumming :confused:

It involves modification of FSlateTextLayout inside the engine
(modify CreateLineViewBlocks function, to allow adding additional rect that the text should surround)

Wish there was better way than modifying engine, but sadly STextBlock does not allow user defined subclass of FTextBlockLayout to be specified
(BTW. this would be a nice addition to 4.13 to allow subclassing FTextLayout and passing it int STextBlock / SRichTextBlock)

Would you be so kind as to post your solution please?