UMG image scaling


I’ve been playing around with buttons styled with images, and there is one particular thing that does not work like I want it to…

When I style a button with an image, and set the Draw As to Image, it scales like a Box. The borders keep their size, while the central part of the image gets scaled down.



Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Looks like there’s a bug in slates element batcher, it doesn’t care if it’s set to image or box, both are drawn with the same code, and if the data for margin is present it will use it. Work around - set it to Box, and set the Margin to 0.

the workaround works great, thanks for the tip

do you want me to post this on answerhub for tracking?

Nah - already checked in a fix. Thanks!

Can this be fixed sometime, or a button to scale the image added, if i didn’t find this post here, i would have never know how to solve this issue, so thanks.