UMG Image appears to be vibrating

I have a really annoying problem that doesn’t seem to have an obvious solution. When my UMG image rotates, it looks as if it’s vibrating in place. The animation is just getting called in the UMG BP when you click on the image.

I made a video so you can see it

It does it in game and in the editor when you play the animation. Does anyone know why its not rotating smoothly or how I could get it to rotate smoothly?


It’s because all vertices in Slate are pixel snapped, otherwise you get really blurry text and images in the common case. We don’t have a good way right now to disable pixel snapping at some point in the hierarchy and carry that through the rest of the hierarchy. The only way to do it right now would be to check every time we create a slate vertex; check if the 2D transform matrix is non-identity with an engine mod.

The best way to smoothly rotate an image would be to do it in a material right now.

Hey Nick thanks for the reply!

I’ll try to do the material work around you suggested.