UMG How to make buttons pop up during video play

I am making a FMV game.

Yes I know there are some nodes not attached, some were there for testing.

I need to:

  1. Play videos in a row or “sequence”.

  2. During certain videos, I need choices/conversation option buttons to fade into the screen (The Walking Dead style).

  3. Once player selects the button of choice, the next video starts and the buttons disappear.

My issues:

  1. The buttons are either always visible or always hidden. The SetVisibility node is not working in sequence as it should? Either way I need the buttons to be hidden until video 2 plays.

  2. The audio from the videos does not play, so I needed to make a separate .wav for each vid. I need that .wav sound to stop once another video starts or a button gets clicked to start another video sequence. Is there a better way around this?

When I do it, the buttons are either always showing or always hidden. I simply need the buttons to show up when they are supposed to during specific video plays. I need your help community! I’v been banging my head on the wall over this for a few days. I need clear answers with pictures or a “straight to the point” video. Keep in mind that I am a relative noob so go easy on me :slight_smile:

Some screen shots of my progress:
Level Bluebrint

UMG Widget for the videos and buttons