UMG: How to disable TAB and Keyboard Nav keys ??

Hi, I have a UMG widget with a menu for an Inventory system. I am using buttons as menu items, but only want to support mouse click, not Nav keys. I have set all Navs at all levels to STOP, but somehow TAB is still working which is causing issues with loss of focus.

If TAB is used inside the menu, I am unable to catch the close menu keypress and close the menu.

Ideally I would like to use TAB to get into and out of the menu, but am currently using Key “I” until I figure out how to disable TAB inside UMG.

Appreciate any help.

Thanks Stuart

Didn’t expose them (Next/Previous) in 4.8, just checked in a fix for 4.9. In the mean time, you can prevent it from triggering navigation by handling it first. If you make a widget that overrides OnPreviewKeyDown, check if it’s Tab, and return Handled (otherwise return Unhandled), you’ll prevent the navigation system (or anyone child widget) from handling that key.


Thanks, I’ll give this a go.

I think you will you only have to edit your **Focus **property in ProjectSettings - Engine - User Interface . just set the Focus propert to Never , and Tab button won’t be able to navigate through your Menus anymore. Sorry if I’m too late !. Just hope this would help anyone stumbles upon this thread in the future !.


It’s really helpful.Saying Thank you very much from the future.

See Annoying bugs with UMG focus (with Is Focusable? on all widgets false) - #4 by Ixiguis

I have it set to never but for me tab still works, any idea why that is?