[UMG] How to create auto-wrapping containers?

Good afternoon,

I would like to create a container that auto-wraps its content to multiple rows on lower resolutions.
To demonstrate what I want to achieve, I have created a small HTML example:
When you change the size of the browser window you will see how all boxes fit on a single line in a larger window and get thrown underneath in a smaller one.

How can UMG be used to achieve this sort of interface?

Thanks in advance, SmittyJ

No need unless it needs to be more sophisticated; your sample matches our existing Wrap Panel.

Thank you Nick for pointing me in the right direction. I did not know about the Wrap Panel since it doesn’t exist in my Editor. I guess it’s a new feature from 4.6? I am currently still using 4.5.1.

Yeah it’s a panel that went into 4.6.