UMG, How to bind a value to a slider?


I could use some help with the slider feature in UMG. I would like to give the player the option to change mouse sensitivity. I have my float ready but I’m not sure how to tie the value to the position of the slider. Any help on this concept is appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Nick Darnell :slight_smile:

Slider have OnValueChanged event, you can set mouse sensitivity on that event

It’s a delegate event, which means insted of being overriding function (being just a event in single class in case of blueprint), it assign diffrent functions/“custom events” to be called on event and can be assigned outside of original class. To bind delegate in blueprint, you create custom event and connect it to “bind to event…” node with this red squere pin, you can find them in “Assign Event Dispacher”

Thanks for responding .

Delegates are new to me so I’m not exactly sure how to utilize them. This is what I have so far.

The OnValueChanged Event, I’m not sure what drives this event to execute. Should this event be in the player controller or is it’s value directly associated with the mouse speed?


You need to bind event first, right now you binding on that custom event… which is not binded and never will be called or binded. You need to bind it on blueprint initiation

Hi , I kind of got it working. I will just need to do more research. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :slight_smile: