[UMG] How can I scale a slider?

Hey, I want to have a setting menu. It is organised in a list.
A scroll bar is filling up the root canvas. It contains many scale boxes, which each contains a horizontal box with a checkbox and a text in it.

That works very well.
But now I have in my last horizontal box a slider. I tried different options, but the silder is always very thin.
I want to scale it, so you have a certain precision when moving between both borders (horizontal).
Maybe it is because of the scale box, or you simply can’t scale it inside a horizontal box?
Changing the rendering scale is not working, because then the layout gets broken.

I used a size box now in the horizontal box, to give the slider a certain width.


I still can’t resize my slider, can you explain more ?? thankss…

Have you solved this ?? can you tell me how to solve that, thank you

  • Select the Slider.
  • Go to Render Transform.
  • Open Transform.
  • Open Scale.
  • Set Y with the value of your choice (for example, 3).


A Size box works however inside the size box you can put a scale box, the scale box then will scale the bar to the size of the box.

Hey guys,

forget the “Size Box” The truly answer is, that we have to adjust the “Details” of the Slider.
Espacially The Size must be set to “Fill (1.0)” and the horizontal Alignment to “Horizontal Fill”

Just look at the Screenshot.

Idk if Im like stupid or something, but if you set it to fill, wont you need some kind of box to go around it anyway?

For those of us using a layout canvas (freely hand placed UI) at least, you would need a size box for this to work afaik.

1 - if you wish to separately change size for slider handle then you select your slider in Designer window, then switch to Graph window (top right corner) and in Details go Style - Normal Thumb Image - Image Size and set size values for X and Y, then do the same for Hovered Thumb Image.
2 - to change thickness for your slider bar just set desired value for Bar Thickness in Style options