[UMG] how call function of bp widget from level blueprint?

I made a widget blueprint and function in it (that function create widget and show it to user). In level blueprint from “event begin play” i try call that function, but function don’t have execution pin, here’s a screenshot for example 2015-01-15 23-04-51 Скриншот экрана.png — Yandex.Disk

To be more clear - i try this guide with making list of buttons from array A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums , but want call list creation right after begin play tp check how things look.

U have to create widget from other BP(ex. Level or gamemode) and have a reference to it in order to get access to functions.

For example on Begin Play, u must call “Create Widget” node and then call Widget’s Functions.

Примерно как тут :wink:

But i can’t create widget blueprint based on level blueprint or gamemode blueprint because there’s only exist “create blueprint based on this one” and it mean the same type of one already exist, have no idea how change it’s type.

Да вот хз как у тебя там вышло, создать виджет функцией я тоже могу, но функция самого виджета все равно не имеет стрелки исполнения. Может у виджета есть событие типо “виджет создан” и тогда можно его создать в левл блупринте, а уже в нем самом сделать что угодно?

I mean call “Create Widget” node in ur level BP like I did.

In order to setup widget u have to create(not asset but instance) it somewhere and then u will get access to it.

doesn’t help, even this way function have no execution node 2015-01-16 00-49-26 Скриншот экрана.png — Yandex.Disk

Drag it from Return Value, and find the function u need from context menu.

don’t change anything, function still have no execution node 2015-01-16 01-30-15 Скриншот экрана.png — Yandex.Disk, even after clicking this function it appear like above

Can u show function screenshot?

here it is 2015-01-16 20-08-52 Скриншот экрана.png — Yandex.Disk

From what you are showing your screenshot, unless I am mistaken, you are trying to create a widget from a function call inside a widget?

Your BPW_test_list2 has the Create Joy UI function in it? if so how are you creating your instance of your BPW_test_list2 so you can call your Create Joy UI function?

Your Blue Print Widget will not exist anywhere unless you create an instance of it, then call the function from that created instance.

Based on what you linked the example uses the player character to hold the “press u to call create joy ui function” and it also hods the “create joy ui” function itself. Doing it how you are trying from what I can tell is not really correct.

Your Create Joy UI function should be in your player controller and you can just call the Create Joy UI function in the event begin play node on your player character if you want

Unmark the “PURE” checkbox and try to recompile.
(I think this will solve the lack of execution pin)…

creasso is correct