UMG Hint Text is not effected by root alpha

I am trying to make a widget of mine fade to an alpha of 0, everything works fine except the alpha of some hint text on a text input that I have, it’s alpha seems to stay at 1. Steps to reproduce: Place a text input, add hint text. Click on the entire Widget’s root in the hierarchy, set the color to have an alpha of 0, the hint text should remain fully visible, while everything else is not visible.

Hello Jamendxman3,

When you say that the “Hint Text” is not effected by the alpha, are you referring to the tool tip for your widgets? If this is the case you could try setting the tool tip to nothing when you start to fade your widgets, or you could create your own tool tips using UMG. This would allow you full control over the alphas on your tool tips. I have also written up a request ( UE-21395) to allow control over the tool tip’s alpha. I hope that information helps.

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Thanks for reporting the issue, it looks like the implementation of SEditableText does not take incoming alpha into account and multiply the hint text alpha by that amount. Also appears to offset incorrectly when scaled. Will take care of it, cheers.