umg hierarchy bug is considered fixed, but its not

Hey guys,
There is a bug:

that is considered fixed as of 4.15 even though it’s not in 4.15.1 - 4.15.2

Management of a more complex widget with more elements is a headache. Can you please give me any kind of feedback


I have found an issue that appears to be similar in nature to this issue, but the test case described in the report no longer reproduces the issue, but I have logged a new report, which you can view here

Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.

YES if this is for all the expanding on groups would be nice to fix. Drives me up the wall when the groups are not closed. I read it was fixed but its not fixed. Im on the newest Version 4.16

I dont care if its not a prioritized thing but it DRIVES DEVS NUTS !!! IM SORRY im one of them. GET WITH THE ACTION AND FIX THESE ERRORS !!!