UMG Help!

Hello all, I have a slight problem. I made an inventory with umg widget and it worked fine with just 5 slots. Now that im getting a little better I wanted to upgrade the inventory by putting in a back ground image and 10 more slots. Well all seemed fine after changing a few things but now any thing after the 5th slot reads as if it were that item :open_mouth: What could be the problem? The items show up and if I use one of the items reading as the 5th item it uses the 5th item in inventory. [Example, I have 4 cans of beans, a log and 2 first aid kits. The beans and log read just fine but the first aid kits would read as the log, so if I used a first aid kit or dropped one it would drop the log or use the log and then the kits move up 1 slot.] If pics or small vid is needed please let me know, I just really want to fix this inconvenience. Thanks in advance!


BUMP! Please help, anyone?

Please don’t bump your posts unless 4 days have passed. Thanks.

On a side note, you have not provided us with much information. We need to see some of your Blueprints to understand how you set up your inventory and how are your storing these items linked to the inventory.

Sorry if I bumped early and I just fixed it sorry for the confusion.

Problem solved!