UMG Help with masked progress bar (Health Bar)

Hello, we’re trying to figure out how to make a health bar contained within a mask like this Basically we have an image of the frame and a texture for the health bar, we want it so the health bar that goes on top fits within the white borders.our achieve

Thank you so much guys!

We don’t support masks on the widgets (unless you do it in a custom material), but you don’t need them to pull off this effect,

Observe, my terrible fill texture for my progress bar:

The glow, we can’t really do yet with the default progress bar, because we clip at the percentage of the progress bar, so there’s no opportunity to draw anything there. You would likely need a custom slate progress bar that has some ability to render a glow at the boundaries of the fill.

Good stuff! We’ve made it work by including the mask on the .TGA as an alpha layer, set it as the fill of the progress bar and added a transparent texture as the background one.

Thanks Nick!

Oh Nick! Thank you so much as my mate Roccibo says!

It help us so much ^_*!