UMG Grid Panel?

Hello again! Ok so new problem now is that I have a simi working scrollbox inventory but i want to set up a grid panel for inventory to add in drag and drop features plus looks better. Problem Im having is adding new items and setting them dynamically to fill in rows and columns correctly. I can add items to grid panel as a child but items stack on each other, heres my BP’S

Here I made a widget called Inventory_Slot_Button, added a button and a Image for size, then in graph set a inv_clicked_Button as interger for referencing which item is clicked(All works)

Here is the main widget panel

Now I add Item to grid panel as shown. I was trying this example( )kinda but not sure what all being done here

Well I tried other images but it won’t let me. Any way items get added but stack also makes several rows worth of same item. Can someone please point me in right direction on how to add new rows and columns per item picked up? And please I have looked for this through entire documentation. Will post video if it makes it easier, thank you!

None of your attachments appear to be working. Could you look into that? It might help provide a solution.

I think I fixed it sorry about that.

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