UMG: Get render transforms exposed to blueprints

I’m really happy about being able to set render transforms now, but without being able to Get render transforms for widgets I can’t develop iTween for UMG properly. Is this in the pipeline?

I’ve just checked in a change to the master branch for this, so it won’t be in 4.5. Does iTween have a C++ component or is it purely a blueprint library?

Bummer! Well, hopefully 4.6 won’t be too far off from 4.5. If it’s on the master branch I’ll have it ready by the time it makes the stable release. It’s 100% content right now, the C++ version will come after the BP version is 100%. Thanks for committing this change, Nick!

Scratch that - just fixed it in 4.5 too, so should be in the final release.

You’re awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for everything, Nick.