UMG Gamepad


I was wondering if UMG works with Gamepad controls now? I have a BP system I made for it, but If there was a way to do this naturally with the system that would be fantastic and completely time saving!

Nevermind, I actually found a way to simplify this by handling it mostly in the Widget Event Graph.

Liondog - I’ve been working on this quite a bit, and am curious what solution you came up with. Would you mind sharing?

I would also love to see your solution.

Okay, I will make a tutorial tonight and post it here for you all to check out. All I’m doing is creating the widgets in the order that they should appear on screen and storing them in an array, then making it so that you add them and remove them from the viewport as you move about the GUI. There’s a bool check that checks for if you’ve pressed the confirm button and it would open the submenu. There’s only one thing I need to do in order to finish it, which is making sure the system knows how to move from the sub menu back to the main menu without messing up. I’ll post it here. It’s all contained inside of your character blueprint or your level blueprint.