[UMG] Fullscreen Drag & Drop


just thought about doing a tutorial on how to get fullscreen drag and drop working, anyone interested? (And yes i got it working :P)

Sure, give it a shot. Wanted to mess with UMG anyways, so every tutorials helps.

We need as many UMG tutorials as possible, so by all means, go for it :slight_smile:

How is full screen drag and drop any different than when doing it for a window? I created my system using window mode and just tried it in fullscreen and it still works… am I missing something or can one way work for both?

Would be nice to have tutorial about how to handle multitouch drag/drops.
Or at all how to properly implement and handle multiotuch interface, together with dragging.

I could do some tutorials (or at least simple examples), but problem is i have no idea what is proper way of handling it all, do not want to publish things that introduce wrong habits.

Real Fullscreen or Windowed Fullscreen?

I think you already know my response to this :slight_smile:

:smiley: Still the Drag and Drop interest? How are your Subsystem Session going? xD Haven’t heard from you a long time.

@Topic: Would be intereseted too, but is there a difference to fullscreen and windowed? Shouldn’t drag and drop work everywhere :X?

Well the DragDrop Operation, at least this is my last info, does a create a whole new window and thus would break the real fullscreenmode

Hm, ok? :smiley: If my game is in REAL Fullscreen, UMG creates a REAL new seperated window when i use Drag and Drop?
Did i miss something? x) Ok let’s see your tutorial then.

Exi ! :smiley:

No love with the Subsystem Session just yet, I switched to BP’s and ran into a similar issue but Ryan says it may be from some corrupted cooked content so I cleared everything out. Will re-cook and package for testing once I’ve done getting my drag-drop stuff sorted.

@Topic: It does seem that when you use drag-drop operation it creates a new temp window, in windowed mode or in windowed-fullscreen this isn’t much of an issue. But in proper fullscreen that temp window containing the default drag visual is drawn between the desktop and the fullscreen game. I’m sure they’ll come up with a solution. In the mean time I’m sure there are a number of folks who would benefit from a nice tutorial demonstrating an alternative method.

Ah :smiley: be sure to keep me uptodate! And be sure to post a usefull thread with information x)

Yes, if this is the case, a lot of people would need this. COME ON ruohki! Give us that nice tutorial of yours! :smiley:

Will do it this weekend or maybe monday kinda busy right now

Oh mighty @ruohki , we await the precipitation of your wisdom :3

Is it this second window that’s created that is causing a massive FPS drop when dragging a UMG widget using the DragDropOperation ?