UMG for UI - Pros, cons, and alternatives

I’m just starting to work with UE as the first UI guy on the project and I’m trying to evaluate what UMG does well, as well as understand it’s limitations. I’d love to get some insight from the community.

I’m also interested in common setups at AAA studios using UE - Are people still using Scaleform? What else is out there.


UMG takes a bit to get a hang of, but benefits from its close relationship with the Blueprinting system.

I used Scaleform a lot with UE3/UDK and could never say I was a fan.
A lot of that may have been from using a version that had little documentation at the time (Scaleform 4 / AS3 instead of Scaleform 3 / AS2).
It is also my understanding the flash is dying off.

If you’re rather a HTML based UI, there are CEF UI solutions out there, such as BLUI and Coherent UI.

It all depends on the the requirements of your game and how open you want the UI to be.