UMG Fonts Material

Hello Guys and Epic Staff,

Someone knows a way to apply a material to fonts on UMG Widgets Blueprints?

Right now I’m only can set a color and shadow color. :frowning:

If I can’t directly, someone can orient me with tips via C++ to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Inside the UMG BP Text box/field there is an option for font on the Details panel

hey mate, were you able to apply a material to a font?

I am looking for this as well. I am able to apply material effects only to 3D Widgets via a render target but not in non-3D Widgets…


Walhalla, in the zombies series in my signature, I made a new material for the font, and applied a strobe effect. If you want to see how I did it, skip to 27:30 in the video.

hey there,

thanks for your reply, but thats not quite the thing i needed.

As i said, i can apply materials to Text like you have done or even on WidgetComponents in WorldSpace too. But what UMG is missing(or i miss to find until now) is the “TextMaterial” for ScreenSpace Widgets.

Hello Wallhalla,

This feature is available in the 4.9 version of the engine. You will need to make sure that the material that is added to the font is using the User Interface domain. I hope this information helps.

Make it a great day

You made my day!!! Thanks so much for this info, now i can stick to other stuff and just wait for the update :wink:

Best regards

Hey Rudy, so, the feature is available in 4.9, but it takes away any emissive color node. Is there a way to get the emissive color in there somehow.

I don’t think so as Emissive/Diffuse are lighting terms and the Slate renderer doesn’t have any lighting features.

Is there some rules on how to create the material that will be used as fonts?

Like it must be opaque and default lit, or other rules?<br>Because I just create some material using unlit shading model and translucent blend mode, the text in that widget does not show at all. I tried opaque and default lit, and it still does not show.

So what are the rules in creating materials for fonts?